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Final hands of The World Series of Poker

by Gary Carson
    Joseph Hachem and Steven Danneman

The two players for the final hand of 2005 were Joseph Hachem and Steven Dannenmann. Hachem had Dannenmann out-chipped by 40 million chips to about 16 million. That matters because the player who has a lot more chips can afford to take advantage of a wider range of choices in his play. He can afford to gamble a little and can also afford to sit back and take his time. He has options. And if a good player has options, you can usually count on him being able to take advantage of those options.

Hachem was in a chip position to take some early risks without putting himself at serious risk of hurting his overall chances. Dannenmann couldnt afford to take too much risk, but at the same time couldnt afford to let any serious opportunities pass.
Read the rest -> 2005 WSOP: Hatchem vs Danneman

Greg Raymer vs. David Williams

2004 was Greg Raymers year. He started out the final hand by posting a 100,000 chip big blind and being dealt a pair of eights, 8s 8d. David Williams had that dreaded offsuit Ace-little. Specifically, he had Ah 4s. Like I said above, that can be a deceptive hand. Its probably best, but probably not by a lot, and it might be second-best by a lot. Against Raymers pair, the offsuit Ace-little of Williams was second-best by a lot.
Read the rest -> 2004 WSOP: Raymer vs Williams

Moneymaker vs. Farha

The final hand of 2003 started with Chris Moneymaker having Sam Farha out-chipped 6.6 million to 1.8 million.

Moneymaker started the final hand with a 54 offsuit and Farha a JT offsuit. Farha made a small raise pre-flop, and because of the stack mismatch, Moneymaker did what hed have probably done with almost any hand: He called.
Read the rest -> 2003 WSOP: Moneymaker vs Farha

Varkonyi vs. Gardner

After posting a 20,000 chip small blind and having about a 6 to 1 chip advantage, Robert Varkonyi was dealt a Qd Ts. Varkonyi made it 130,000 and Julian Gardner called the 90,000 chip raise with a Jc 8c on the big blind. A Queen Ten off-suit was a hand that had played a pivotal role in many of the hands that Varkonyi played that year. A lot of people have criticized him for putting so much at stake with a relatively weak hand. Well, in this matchup he was a 62/38 favorite, not so weak actually.
Read the rest -> 2002 WSOP: Varkonyi vs. Gardner

Tomko vs. Mortensen

In 2001 the last hand had Dewey Tomko dealt As Ah. Carlos Mortensen started with Kc Qc. This, of course, was about as awful a start for Mortensen as could be imagined. Im sure it looked like a good hand but the reality Morenson was unknowingly facing was that he was about a 6 to 1 underdog.
Read the rest -> 2001 WSOP: Tomko vs. Mortensen



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