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Final hands of The World Series of Poker
Moneymaker and Farha

by Gary Carson - June 2006
            2003 WORLD SERIES OF POKER

A lot of observers have commented that Moneymakers hand is very weak, Farha having two overcards. But theyre wrong about that. The 54 off-suit is only in bad shape if Farha has an overpair; two overcards doesnt put the 54 off-suit in bad shape (one overcard and a five would put it in bad shape). Farha is ahead 64/36, but thats not really all that much pre-flop when Moneymaker has as many chips as he has.

The flop of Js 4s 5d changed Moneymaker's prospects considerably. Moneymaker checked. Farha made a small bet, Moneymaker made a small raise. Farha moved all in and Moneymaker called. Sometimes top pair is a good hand, sometimes its the kiss of death. I dont know what hand Farha thought Moneymaker was raising with that he could beat; I guess he was rattled from previous Moneymaker bluffs and couldnt get past that.

An 8d on the Turn and 5h on the River finished it off. Moneymaker entered our radar screen as a new kind of champion.

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poker hands
poker hands