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Final hands of The World Series of Poker
Tomko and Mortensen

by Gary Carson - June 2006
            2001 WORLD SERIES OF POKER

Tomko got cute and just called a small raise made by Mortensen.

The flop put Mortensen not just back in the game, but almost ahead. The flop of Jd Tc 3c gave Mortensen a straight draw, a flush draw, and two overcards. Of course the overcards werent a lot of help against AA, and Tomkos pair was two of Mortensons straight cards. But Mortenson probably considered himself way ahead with that flop, and he was almost right.

A bet by Mortensen, followed by a raise by Tomko and a re-raise by Mortensen got all the money in the pot on the flop. The Turn was the 3d, doing nothing, but the 9d on the River gave Mortensen a winning straight and the bracelet.


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poker hands
poker hands