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Final hands of The World Series of Poker
Varkonyi and Gardner

by Gary Carson - June 2006
            2002 WORLD SERIES OF POKER

The flop was Qc 4c 4s, putting Varkonyi even further ahead. Sure, Gardner had a flush draw, and I guess he thought that meant he had something. But with the board paired, Varkonyi would still have redraw outs even if Gardner made his flush.

Varkonyi made a tentative bet of only 50,000 chips. Gardner thought he had a chance to semi-bluff his flush draw and moved all in. Varkonyi called and it was all over.

The Turn was a Td, giving Varkonyi two pair, and the River gave Gardner his flush with the Tc but it filled Varkonyi up. Maybe Gardner hadnt noticed the danger of that flop with a pair on it.

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poker hands
poker hands