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Final hands of The World Series of Poker
Raymer and Williams

by Gary Carson - June 2006
            2004 WORLD SERIES OF POKER

If they went to the River with those two hands it was 70/30 in Raymers favor. But Williams was so enamored of that Ace that he led out from the 50,000 small blind with a bet of 300,000. Raymer just called.

The flop was 4d 2d 5s, giving Williams a pair, overcard, and gutshot and Raymer an overpair. Again, Williams thought he actually had something. The flop did improve his prospects slightly, but only slightly. Now he was only a 32/68 dog. Hey, but hes a pro, what does he care?

Raymer set a trap with a check, and Williams walked right through the door with a bet and Raymer check-raised. I dont know if Williams suspected he might be in trouble here or not, but he called.

A 2h on the Turn paired the board. Raymer bet and Williams called. I dont know what Williams was thinking here. Theres really no way that 2h could have improved his chances in any serious way. The reality is he now had only a 20% chance of winning. The only hand he could beat was a bluff. I guess even the best of us just get too tired to think straight at times.

The River brought a third deuce, filling them both up. Well, now Williams could beat some hands that werent bluffs, like a straight. So that third deuce really did doom him. Raymers overpair gave him a very strong full house, he moved all in and Williams called, ending the event.

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poker hands
poker hands