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Poker Glossary - S



A plastic tray which holds 100 chips in 5 stacks of 20.

Rag Off

To get a card on the river that doesn't help you.

Ragged Flop

Flop cards that are of no use to any player's hand.


A flop (or board) that doesn't appear to help anybody very much. A flop that came down Jd-6h-2c would look ragged.


Worthless cards; blanks.


The sideline at a poker table.


Someone who hangs around a poker room who watches the games and/or is looking to get into action.


A flop that contains three different suits, thus no flush can be made on the turn. Can also mean a complete five card board that has no more than two of any suit, thus no flush is possible.


To increase the amount of the bet after the betting has already been opened in a round. For example, if the betting limit is $10 and player A bets $10, player B can fold, call the $10, or raise it to $20. Often, an inexperienced player will say 'bet'


The house cut of each pot. The rake amount and protocol changes from cardroom to cardroom. Some rake the big blind and put the small blind in a jackpot, while others use a time charge, and others yet do a percentage of the pot as the rake.


The numerical value of a card. Each card has a suit and a rank. The three of spades and the three of hearts have the same rank. A pair is two cards of the same rank.


When a player knocks on the table indicating that he/she has checked.


Seven Card Stud where the lowest five cards win the pot.


To try and determine your opponent's cards or betting strategy.


To start again, for an additional entry fee, in tournament play (where permitted).


If you run out of chips in a tournament, and you wish to continue playing, you then re-buy, meaning, you buy more chips. This is only legal in re-buy tournaments. You can only re-buy up until a certain point.


After you get your initial draw, picking up another draw. For example, if you hold 8h3h and the flop comes Th9h2s, you have a flush draw. If the turn is the 7h, you have made your flush and picked up a straight flush redraw.


To play as if you hold a certain hand. For instance, if you raised before the flop, and then raised again when the flop came ace high, you would be representing at least an ace with a good kicker.


A second raise after the initial raise in a round. This occurs when a player raises after a raise by another player.

Reverse Implied Odds

The ratio of the amount of money now in the pot to the amount of money you will have to call to continue from the present round to the end of the hand.


To shuffle; or to fidget with your chips.

Ring Game

A regular poker game as opposed to a tournament. Also referred to as a 'live' game since actual money is in play instead of tournament chips.

River Card

The fifth and final community card, put out face up, by itself. Also known as 'fifth street'. Metaphors involving the river are some of poker's most treasured cliches - e.g. 'He drowned in the river.'


The fifth and final community card, put out face up, by itself. Also known as 'fifth street'. Metaphors involving the river are some of poker's most treasured cliches - e.g. 'He drowned in the river.'

Rock Garden

A table populated with rocks.


A player who plays very tight, not very creatively. He raises only with the best hands. A real rock is fairly predictable - if he raises you on the end, you can throw away just about anything but the nuts.


To turn a card face-up.

Rolled Up

In Seven-Card Stud, three of a kind on third street (the first three cards).


A lowball hand that is not perfect.

Round of Betting

The period during which each active player has the right to check, bet or raise. It ends when the last bet or raise has been called by all players still in the hand.


A betting round begins after a card or several cards are dealt. Each player is given a chance to act, and the round ends when everyone has either folded to or called the last bet or raise. Each round of betting is followed either by further dealing or


A professional player who 'makes the rounds' of the big poker games in the country.

Rounders Guys

People who hustle for a living. This is also the name of a popular poker movie starring Matt Damon and Ed Norton.

Royal Flush

This is the highest possible ranked hand. To achieve this hand you need an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of the same suit.

Royal Flush

The best possible poker hand, consisting of the 10 through the Ace, all the same suit.

Royal Flush

The highest ranking hand in poker. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, all of the same suit.

Run Over

Playing aggressively in an attempt to control the other players.


A straight, or a series of good cards.


Typically said 'runner-runner' to describe a hand which was made only by catching the correct cards on both the turn and the river - 'He made a runner-runner flush to beat my trips.' See also 'Backdoor.'


A hand made on the last two cards.

Running Bad

On a losing streak.

Running Good

On a winning streak.

Running Pair

When the last two cards on the board make a pair.


Two needed cards that come as the last two cards dealt.


Several winning hands in a short period of time.


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