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Poker Hints - Differences Between Online and Offline Poker

Now, a considerable part of poker players prefer playing poker online to live play. The most generally referred to benefits are:

  • no commute
  • no tipping
  • the action is quicker and more hands can be played in an hour
  • you can have different deposit bonuses
  • you can play 24 hours a day
  • a great variety of games to play
  • no second-hand smoke
  • you can play at several tables simultaneously
  • you don't need to go anywhere.

Also, those playing Internet poker should mind the following features of it, which can affect your strategy and game-style:

Playing sessions are shorter. Players move in and out of the game much more often then they would do in a live play. Thus, you usually don't play with the same opponents for long.

Internet environment - it has been noted that people, when playing on the Internet, are usually more tricky and deceptive, than in a live play. That is because it is impossible to read your opponents faces - and very easy to hide yours. And to raise or bet you have just to clik!

Internet distractions - most commonly, people do not devote themselves to playing poker only. Usually, they can indulge in other things (e.g. net-surfing, reading e-mails, etc.) at the same time - or play at several tables at the same time. That's why Internet players are usually less attentive, and do not follow the course of the game as close as in a live poker game.


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poker hands
poker hands