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Poker Hints - Bluffing on the Internet

There are some differences between online and live poker in regards to bluffing. As a general rule, players tend to bluff a little more often on the Internet than they do in a live game. The virtual environment of the Internet makes many players play a little more deceptively then they would do against a live opponent. The virtual environment also makes it easier to commit your chips since you only have to click your mouse. Compare this to a live game where you have to physically move your chips to the center of the table while your opponents are watching you. Therefore, you may need to keep your opponents honest a little more online than you would do in a live game.

On the other hand, your opponents are will tend to call your bluffs a little more often than they would in a live game since they also recognize that players tend to bluff quite often on the Internet. Calling is also easier online since they only have to click their mouse. Because of this, you will have to consider bluffing more carefully when online.

One more thing about bluffing: some of its value is that when you bluff often, your opponents will tend to call more often, too, which may prove useful when you have a strong hand. But online this "advertising" value of bluffing is decreased, comparing to a live play. First, people playing online, are usually paying less attention to the game, so they may not notice your bluffs. Besides, your opponents switch more often, so you won't have enough time to create an image of a person who bluffs often (or, on the contrary, never bluffs). Still, if the online poker game you are playing continue for a considerable time with the same players, you may get some benefit from this strategy.


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