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Memorable Poker Hands
Violette vs. Mercier

by Paul Kammen - July 2006
            WORLD POKER TOUR

Protect those tens! The World Poker Tour decided to add a "Ladies Night" during its first season, and followed it up with another special featuring women players during season 2. In this match, many of us were amazed at one play that cost WPT Champion Isabelle Mercier a pot. Mercier is a great player, but this hand left us scratching our heads.

In this hand, Cyndy "Ultra" Violette held Q9 offsuit on the button. She raised to $20,000. Mercier had pocket tens and called. Lavinna Zhang, a poker newcomer, held K4 of clubs. The flop came 778, with one club. All three players checked. The turn brought the Ace of clubs. Mercier bet, causing Violette to fold, but not Zhang who was on a nut-flush draw. Of course, the river brought disaster for Mercier as Zhang caught the Jack of clubs. A $20,000 bet was made, in hopes of getting Mercier to call, but she knew she was done and folded.

This hand blew me away, because tens are a great hand. Before the flop, while a $20,000 bet is big, I felt a re-raise was in order: Violette was on the button, and raising her position more than her hand. The failure to bet on the flop was an even bigger disaster. Mercier went on to win the tournament that night, showing no mercy later in the tournament, but this hand illustrates why passivity in poker, especially no-limit, is a road map to the rail unless you get on your game quickly, as Mercier did that night.

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poker hands
poker hands