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Memorable Poker Hands
Newman vs Shaw

by Paul Kammen - July 2006
            THE STING (1982 MOVIE)

Of course, Gondorf has done his homework and knows the set-up hand that Lonnegan uses when he cheats: he gives his opponent four threes, and himself four nines. Ready for the hand, when he catches threes, Gondorf makes the switch to four jacks using his own identical deck hes got in a handkerchief in his lap. A raising war ensues, and when Shaw calls after several raises, Lonnegan lays down his hand, uttering "four nines" with a smile that says: "I finally got this bum."

Gondorf takes a few seconds, and lays down his hand, saying: "Four Jacks. You owe me 15 grand, pal," with a vindictive smile. The hand is certainly not an example of poker etiquette. In their raising war, there are numerous string-raises (raising without saying "I raise" and making two motions, one to make the initial call and reaching back for more chips). Gondorf technically slow-rolls (taking time to show your winning hand) his four jacks, too. Nonetheless, its a fantastic scene that could be from the Mike Matusow playbook of how to put a guy on tilt, if it hadn't been written in 1973.

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poker hands
poker hands