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Memorable Poker Hands
Hellmuth vs. Varkonyi

by Paul Kammen - July 2006
            2002 WORLD SERIES OF POKER

In the main event, the soon-to-be champion Robert Varkonyi held QT suited from early position. There were 60 players left at this stage, and Varkonyi opened for $8,000. Hellmuth looked down to see big slick, which was also suited, re-raising to $17,000. Varkonyi moved all-in, and Hellmuth quickly called. The flop came AQT. With no help on the turn or river for Phil, Hellmuth lost most of his stack on this hand. Frankly, I dont understand why Varkonyi didnt get away from the QT, as with $100,000 he certainly had time to increase his stack with a superior hand, and the re-raise was not coming from some unknown rookie. Hellmuth commented that he would shave his head if Varkonyi won the tournament, and Phil had to make good on his bet when Varknonyi went on to win appropriately with QT.

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poker hands
poker hands