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Memorable Poker Hands
Chan vs Seidel

by Paul Kammen - July 2006
            1998 WORLD SERIES OF POKER

In heads-up action, Chan held the Jack of Clubs and 9 of clubs. Seidel held Q7 offsuit(Q of Clubs, 7 of Hearts). The flop came QT8 rainbow(Q of Spades, 10 of Hearts, 8 of Diamonds). Chan bet $40,000; Seidel raised $50,000, and Chan smooth-called. The two of spades came on the Turn, and Chan checked, after which Seidel moved all-in. Chan then called, and when the six of diamonds came on the River, Chan won his second title. Chan had a very nice setup on this hand. Heads-up and Seidel flopping top pair, I dont see how any of Chans actions would have indicated he flopped the monster and Id have probably done the same as Seidel. Had Chan re-raised on the flop, it could have given Seidel a warning to dump the pair, but Chan played this hand perfectly.

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poker hands
poker hands